Admission Related Rules

  1. Admission to the three year course shall be done on the basis of the Merit basis as per the university, or as per government orders.
  2. As per the orders from the Bar Council of India, the candidates securing 45 per cent or more marks in undergraduate courses, BA/BSc/B Com/BSc (Ag) or equivalent are eligible to take admission to LLB course. The same rule is applicable to the candidates for PG course.
  3. The principal of the college and the admission committee formed by him reserves the total rights for admission. Admission/re-admission/registration for admission can be denied or cancelled without telling any reasons.
  4. Law is a full time course. No other course can be studied along with it.
  5. Certified true copy or self attested photocopy of the qualification showing examination must be attached with the application form for admission.
  6. Any other document, if necessary, can be asked for, at any time; so kindly do not attach the original copy of the certificates.
  7. Admission to the candidate can be denied, if he/she does not present himself/herself along with the original documents in front of the admission committee on the declared date and time.
  8. If there is a gap between the education sessions, affidavit for the same will have to be provided.

Fees (Session 2024-25)

The following fee has been fixed for the session 2024-25:

Three Year Course

  • LLB (First Semester) Rs 11000
  • LLB (Other Semester) Rs 11000

Five Year Course

  • BA, LLB (First Semester) Rs 11000
  • BA, LLB (Other Semester) Rs 11000

LLM Course

  • LLM (First Semester) Rs 30000
  • LLM (Second Semester) Rs 30000 Note
  • University Examination Fee and Back / Improvement fee paid extra Fee Refund Fees deposited at the time of admission shall not be refunded in any case, whether the candidate has not attended the class for a single day.

    Cancellation of Admission

    1. It shall be done as per the rules prescribed by MJP Rohilkhand University.
    2. After giving admission, if it is found that the candidate has provided some wrong information, his admission shall be cancelled.
    3. At any point of time, if it is found that the candidate is not fit for admission due to misconduct, indiscipline or immoral conduct, his admission can be cancelled any time. No fees shall be refunded in such case.
    4. The principal has the right to cancel the admission of any candidate, without telling any reason, in the interest of the college.
    5. No candidate against whom any court case is pending, or who has been punished by the court, shall be admitted to the college. If the candidate seeks admission by not disclosing the facts, his admission shall be cancelled with immediate effect, on knowing the facts.
    6. No candidate is allowed to carry any firearms or sharp edged weapons under any circumstances, even if he/she is carrying the licence. If the candidate is found with the same, his admission shall be cancelled.
    7. According to the semi-government letter of the Director Higher Education, addressed to all Principals of Degree Colleges of Uttar Pradesh, reference no. degree plan/233-84/L 171/7877, dated May 30, the students who are not serious in studies and who seek admission to the college with a purpose of making nuisance and who are encouraged by the outsiders, there is a provision of expelling them from the institution so all educational institutions may run properly without any hindrance.

    Prohibition of Admission

    1. If any candidate is found guilty of indiscipline in the last session, or found guilty of using unfair means or misconduct during the examination, he/she shall not be given admission.
    2. The students caught in the university examination using unfair means shall not be admitted to the college even after the end of the punishment.
    3. The students who have participated in any strike, movement or demonstration, in the knowledge of the principal or the disciplinary committee, shall not be admitted to the college.
    4. The student who is a criminal in the police records, or is involved in a criminal case, is not eligible for admission.
    5. The student who has completed the attendance in one educational session, and is not seated (he/she has dropped) for the examination, or has got failed in the examination, shall not be given regular admission to the same class.