Boys: Black trousers, white shirt, Black coat or black sweater
Girls: White salwar-kameez, black dupatta or white saree, black blouse, black coat or black sweater.

Student Union

Student union is completely banned in the college as per the judgement of the UP High Court, Allahabad, writ petition no. 46879/2004. If any student raises the demand to form the student organisation, demands for the election, encourages the other students for it, or organises a meeting or movement for the same, he shall be found guilty of contempt of court. The college is liable to expel such student(s) within no time.

Code of Conduct for Students

  1. The students should not roam unnecessarily in lobby and the college premises.
  2. The students should spend their spare time in reading room.
  3. Roaming while creating nuisance in the college premises, going near other classes, or peeping inside them is prohibited.
  4. The student should read the notice board daily in order to be informed of important information and directions.
  5. Smoking, consuming tobacco and spitting inside the college is strictly prohibited.
  6. The college property such as books, building, sports material, garden, furniture, fans, bulbs, etc. should not be harmed otherwise strict action shall be taken.
  7. Girl students of the college should use girls' common room in their spare time.
  8. The students are requested not to go outside the college campus without permission.
  9. To avail the library facilities, the students should obey the rules of the library and should not tear the pages from the books and magazines.
  10. The students are requested not to enter the principal room, staff room, office and the computer lab without permission.
  11. All the students must carry their identity card while in the college. It can be asked for anytime. Strict action shall be taken against the student caught without identity card.
  12. Ragging inside the college premises is not only banned, but also is treated as a crime according to the letter reference 1/1394-14300/99-2000, dated 17.6.99 from the government to the directorate of higher studies, and by the National Council for Human Rights. So any student, new or old, found to be involved in any kind of ragging or fight among them, shall be treated strictly, can be expelled from the college, and legal action can be initiated against them. So it is advisable for all the new and the old students not to negatively influence the educational atmosphere, be involved in their studies sincerely, and be disciplined.

Attendance Rules

  1. 75 per cent of attendance is compulsory for all the students.
  2. Students with attendance less than 75 per cent are not eligible to take the examination.
  3. Responsibility of attendance in the college is solely of the student. The college is not bound to provide for the written information regarding it.
  4. Attendance to the classes for the full college hours is only recognised. If the student takes leave from the teacher after the attendance has been taken, it is treated as ineligible.
  5. If any student participates in any competition through the college or the university, he/she is permitted to be given attendance at the college and the university level.
  6. In case of suspension of the student from the class, attendance is not permissible, even if the student is physically present in the college.

Library Rules

  1. All the students of the college shall be the members of the library. Every candidate must get himself/herself registered with the library till the last date.
  2. Books shall be issued only on the library card, on which the students' photograph is pasted.
  3. Only one book shall be issued on one record at a time. Only two books can be issued on the library card.
  4. Though the books are issued for a period of 14 days, the books, which are short, can be issued for a shorter period. In case of late return, Re 1 per day per book is chargeable as late fine.
  5. In case of tearing, spoiling, missing pages, or book lost, the student is liable to provide new book in its place, or its present price along with the fine. So the student should get him satisfy before issuing it.
  6. The books can be issued between 10 in the morning till 12 in the afternoon.
  7. Duplicate card can be issued in case of loss of the library card, by paying a penalty of Rs 50 in the college library.
  8. Carrying identity card is compulsory to get the books issued.
  9. The books and the library card must be returned back before the start of the annual examination, otherwise admit card would not be issued.
  10. The books would not be given during summer vacations.