Gender Equality


  • To provide overall guidance to the peer group in integrating gender in all activities of the institution in the form of focused group discussion, debates, poster competitions etc.
  • Identify gaps in college’s activities vis-a-vis gender, and make recommendations on how to address these gaps, e.g., observe the classroom to detect bias in interactions.
  • Institute organizes awareness programs on various gender issues, including legislation to influence behaviour change. This is facilitated through workshops, films, painting competitions etc.
  • Popularise phone numbers of such services as police helpline, women's helpline, and hospitals among students.
  • Arrange to provide necessary life skill education and guidance/information about existing public service to their fellow students.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of important Government schemes, events, legislation, and court ruling which has a major impact on the treatment and experiences of diverse groups.
  • Document best practices to measure the extent of behaviour change and display the same through exhibitions, fest, annual magazine etc.
  • Organize the college's annual function or the college fest on the theme of gender equality and women’s empowerment and encourage students to sign up and express their support for gender issues.
Gender policy